Usage NHK free of charge until end of February


The Wet Handling Track is available again with restrictions. Due to the new road surface and necessary finishing works, an increased friction coefficient is to be expected.

As previously announced, we started the necessary surface renovation of the Wet Handling Track in November 2019, so that this track will meet future customers‘ requirements and can be used again at the beginning of the season.

With this newsletter we would like to inform you about the current status and provide further information about the renovation work:

It is known that the greatest challenge in this surface renovation lies in restoring the required friction coefficient. This is why numerous tests with different road surfaces were carried out in the run-up to the renovation work, in order to select the best road surface in coordination with our engineering department and our customers.

After installing the new road surface, the friction coefficient on the Wet Handling Track was obviously increased. However, based on experience the friction coefficient can be reduced by intensive use. In order to accelerate this process even further, we will take additional measures to reduce the friction coefficient in the near term.

As the planned measures will certainly take some time and possibly also obstruct some test projects in their realisation, the usage of the Wet Handling Track is free of charge until the end of February!

We would like to point out that the Transverse Aquaplaning on the Wet Handling Track is almost at its orginal state and can therefore be used without restrictions!