Update surface renovation Wet Handling Track


Actual status

As already described in our update in April, we are continuing to work hard on reducing the friction coefficient subsequent to the surface treatment of the Wet Handling Track. In the future the track will once more meet the requirements of our customers and can be used again to its full extent within a short time.

Today we would like to inform you about the current status and provide further information on the measures:

After intensive treatment of the skid-pad, we were able to reduce the grip from mid 70 BPN to a low value in the 50s.
Now, since week 19, we have been continuing the work with dual machine use in two further areas in parallel. Firstly in the front area from the presentation area to the skid-pad and secondly in the rear area from the skid-pad to the entrance to roundabout 2. This is still being done in coordination with the testing operation in multiple shifts.
In this context, we ask our customers to please consult with Customer Service about the use of the Wet Handling Track in advance in order to avoid delays in these measures.

We would like to point out once again that the Transverse Aquaplaning module on the Wet Handling Track is almost at its original state and can therefore be used without restrictions.

For technical questions, please contact Gerrit Johannink at +49 4961 975-338. For general information, please contact our Customer Service or your Customer Service Representative.

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