Construction work Vehicle Dynamics Area (FDY)


Information on the restrictions for test operations during the surface renovation on the Vehicle Dynamics Area (FDY) as of the end of cw 43/2021

In accordance with the maintenance activities planned for this year, we are scheduling a surface renovation on the Vehicle Dynamics Area (FDY) in the
fourth quarter of this year. These works are planned in the areas of the east tangent and the access road to the trapezoidal area. It is planned to carry out
the renovation work during the period
from Friday, 29.10.2021 until approximately Sunday, 14.11.2021.

Please note that the tangent at the FDY Tower will be used by construction traffic during this time and will therefore not be available for your testing
purposes. Sectors 1 and 2 can still be used. On DLK-South from roundabout 2 to FDY, only the right lane will be available during the construction
phase, as the other lane will be marked off for construction vehicles. Please note that
oncoming traffic can be expected during this time! For safety
reasons, a speed reduction with a maximum of 80 km/h is prescribed. Access to the BMK and the Banked Road will remain possible.

In addition to DLK-South, construction traffic is also expected on parts of DLK-North and 
von-Below-Strasse, which could affect your testing activities.
We ask you to take this into account in your planning.

Finally, we would like to point out that time shifts due to weather conditions are possible at any time. Should changes occur at short notice, we will
inform you immediately. Please refer to the Customer Information System (KIS) and the daily driving instructions.