Update renovation work High Speed Oval (ORK)


Updated information about restrictions for testing activities during renovation work at the proving ground of ATP from end of week 20/2021

As already mentioned, final renovation work is necessary on the High Speed Oval (ORK). Fortunately, it has turned out that, in addition to the work that has already been planned, the necessary road marking works can also be carried out in this time frame.
According to the new planning, both of the renovation works on 
the ORK will now take place from Friday, 21.05.2021 until approx. Monday, 07.06.2021 (noon).

In order to reduce the additional time required for the road marking works, the work in both of the banked curves of the ORK will be carried out at the same time. During this work, lanes 1-5 of both curves are closed. Please note that traffic routing will be carried out via lane 6 and a maximum speed of 60 km/h applies in the roadworks area. In addition, there will be a full closure for a maximum of 3 days on the straight lanes of the ORK due to road marking works. We are trying to organise the planning in such a way that this work will be carried out over the weekend. Further details will be provided on site.

We would like to point out, however, that weather-related time shifts are possible at any time. Should changes occur at short notice, we will inform you immediately. Please refer to the customer information system (KIS) and the daily driving instructions.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact our test and safety coordinator Jan Assies, phone: +49 4961 975-387.

Renovation work