About us

The ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg GmbH operates one of the largest and most manufacturer independent automotive proving grounds for passenger and commercial vehicles in the world.

Modern and partly unique tracks, fully equipped workshops as well as the proper testing devices are available for lease to national and international automotive manufacturers and their suppliers for the execution of their testing activities.

Since the opening of the proving ground in the northwest of Germany in fall of 1998, national and international developers, suppliers, system suppliers and automotive manufacturers of commercial vehicles and passenger cars use the extensive variety of tracks and services of the ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg GmbH.

Bauphase Steilkurve
Bauphase Steilkurve


  • 780 ha fenced in

Construction work

  • 3.5 million m3 of peat moved
  • 4.5 million m3 of sand extracted
  • 900 000 tons of asphalt processed
  • 75 km of roadway established

Construction costs

  • approx. 150 million Euros
Eröffnung ORK
Eröffnung ORK

In order to step up to growing demands, new workshop buildings and a new test bench building have been put into operation since then.

The engineering team conducts projects meeting customer demands regarding driving dynamics, brakes, endurance run, load data collective recording etc. at its own authority.

An additional highlight of ATP's performances is the organization and arrangement of events. Companies that want to have their products presented or an incentive event executed for their employees or customers find a competent partner in ATP as any kind of event no matter of what size can be arranged in a unique manner.

Furthermore, ATP offers the organization and execution of driving training and driving safety training with varying degrees of difficulty -especially for customers of the automotive industry- that are conducted with several instructors on the site.

Quality Management according to DIN ISO 9001


As a modern company we have since 2000 one high-class Management system according to the standardization ISO 9001.

Since July 21, 2021 we are recertified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek Certification GmbH.