Overview of all driving seminars

Driver Trainings

  • Passenger vehicle driver safety training (basic course)
  • Passenger vehicle driver safety training (advanced course)
  • Motorbike driver safety training
  • Transporter driver safety training
  • Commercial vehicle and bus driver safety Training

Proving Ground Driving License

  • Proving Ground Driving License C
  • Proving Ground Driving License B
  • Proving Ground Driving License A


  • Special trainings and events by our partners

Driver Trainings

You will become familiar with the physical limits of your vehicle in theory and practice and thereby gradually advance your own riding limit. As a result you will be able to better recognise potential hazards and avoid them right from the start.

Please note that all the driver safety trainings, are being carried out according the standard of the German Safety Council (DVR) with qualified instructors from our cooperation partners BBZ Straßenverkehr Nordhausen gGmbH and/or ACE Auto Club Europa e.V..  Hence, the trainings are subsidised by many employers’ insurance associations). Speak to your employers’ insurance association about this!

Currently, we offer these driver trainings according to DVR only in German.


Commercial vehicle and bus driver safety training

Since 2008, all drivers in the commercial transport and from 2009, in freight haulage, must prove special activity-related skills and knowledge through basic qualification in addition to the driving licence and additionally, through regular advanced training. With the Professional Drivers’ Qualification Law (BKrFQG), the EU Professional Drivers’ Qualification Directive 2003/59 was implemented on time.

The participants in this driver safety training course receive a certificate within the context of this training, as acknowledgement of 7 hours of advanced training, as per the Professional Drivers’ Qualification Law (training units as per BKrFQG Article 4. Par. 2).

Transporter driver safety training

The issue here is the effect of the vehicle load on different types of driving manoeuvres.

As the handling performance of transporters is more critical than with passenger vehicles (due to their high centre of gravity and load dependency) this training is highly recommended for anyone, who is a professional driver.
Braking manoeuvres and taking bends ensure the awareness of the driver to particularly critical situations. Ideally, you complete this training with you own vehicle!

Chauffeurs and Security Drivers, Drivers for private personal security

Are you particularly confronted by dangerous situations and stress in traffic for professional reasons?
Specially trained instructors with corresponding programs are at your disposal. The courses take place in small groups with 6 – 8 persons.
The high level of practical elements is the best way to ensure the best options for the driver and his passengers in hazardous situations.
We will gladly provide further information upon request!

Proving Ground Driving License

A minimum driver qualification for all persons driving passenger cars on the ATP proving ground and other sites is necessary for using the test tracks!

By passing this driving license test, it is ensured that the holder possesses basic information for moving vehicles on the proving ground. The proving ground driving license is a requirement for all persons/companies, in order to test vehicles on the proving grounds.

ATP GmbH offers different proving ground license levels!

Proving ground driving license B - details

Proving ground driving license C - details


This training is recognised by the following proving ground operators as permission to drive on their facilities: Adam Opel AG, Applus IDIADA Group, Audi AG, BMW AG, Continental Group, Daimler AG, Dr. Ing. hc. Ferdinand Porsche AG, Ford AG Lommel, MAGNA STEYR AG & Co KG, RDW, Robert Bosch GmbH (Boxberg) and Volkswagen AG.

The qualification begins with the proving ground driving license C and is carried out with vehicles provided by ATP. The proving ground driving license courses are exclusively accessible for industrial organizations. Please note that on some of the mentioned proving grounds additional qualifications and trainings could be required depending on the test program.

Track days

The cooperation partners of the ATP GmbH offer all persons (private persons) and teams, motorsport clubs, associations as well as companies the exclusive possibility to take part in different events, driver safety training and sports driver trainings, courses and seminars.

You come as a participant to the pleasure to move your vehicles at one of the most confidential places in Germany.

On the respective homepage of our cooperation partners you can simply announce yourselves by the already planned dates!

Prices and further information are listed on the respective internet sites of our exclusive cooperation partners.

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