Durability testing

In us you will find a reliable partner for planning, management and performance of durability tests of components and complete systems both at home and abroad.

Range of services

  • Driver services (qualified personnel)
  • Separate workshops
  • Test vehicle maintenance, repair and updates by experienced staff (mechanics, technicians, engineers)
  • Organisation and completion of all necessary support tests within the framework of long term endurance program on test tracks or public roads (e.g. exhaust emission tests, fuel analysis, chassis measurements etc.)
  • Reporting based on customer requirements
  • 24 hours/day and 7 days/week

Durability tests (examples)

  • Proving ground compressed durability test
  • „Hockenheim“ durability test
  • Public road durability test
  • Full-load durability test
  • Corrosion durability test
  • Fuel durability test
  • Hot and cold climate testing
  • Durability testing with alternative drive concepts (electric, hybrid, gas-powered or fuel-cell vehicles)
  • Durability testing of emission benches confirming the standards 70/220/EWG or UN-R83

Your contact person

Ann-Cathrin Bischoff
Durability testing
Johann-Bunte-Straße 176
26871 Papenburg

Our competences and services

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