Measurement equipment

Within the scope of engineering projects we provide the following measurement equipment.


  • Universal data recording sytem IPEtronik to record analog and digital signals, also designed for the connection from CAN Bus signals or multiple measurement channels to accomodate strain gages, and/or transducers to record temperature signals, accelerations etc.
  • GPS based measurement equipment Vbox by Racelogic in various designs on behalf of driving performance, vehicle dynamic data and brake performance etc., also in combination with recording video data and the recording of additional data such as analog signal transmitters or temperature sensors
  • 2 D DTS measurement system on behalf of driving performance data
  • Datron measurement steering wheel to record steering angles and steering forces up to 50 Nm.
  • Datron Correvit speed measurement system up to 300 km/h
  • Fluke hand-held oscilloscope for in vehicle use
  • Measurement equipment for ADAS (page ADAS)
  • Miscellaneous hand-held multimeters for various measured values
  • Miscellaneous acceleration sensors, cable potentiometer, light barriers, etc.
  • Calibration devices for electrical signals
  • DMS applications equipment workshop
  • Various fluid quantity meters for measuring fuel consumption (also for commercial vehicles)

Your contact person

Frank Kleemann
Climatic chamber / Measurement equipment
Johann-Bunte-Straße 176
26871 Papenburg

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