Tire testing

Tire tests play a decisive role when it comes to driving dynamics and vehicle safety. Furthermore the evaluation of convenience efficiency characteristics of tires is becoming increasingly important. We can offer you a wide range of possibilities.

A wide range of rims and vehicles for testing purposes is available. Moreover, we will be happy to respond to your special requests.

DAkkS accredited performances*

  • Wet braking according to UN-R 117 (Annex 5 without 2.1), EU 2020/740, ISO 15222 and ISO 23671
  • Rolling resistance measurement according to UN-R 117 (only: Annex 3) and
    EU 2020/740
  • Evaluation and compiling a test report

Additional options

  • Wet braking on various surfaces with different friction coefficients such as several sorts of asphalt, concrete or granite plates
  • Dry braking on asphalt
  • Longitudinal and transverse aquaplaning
  • Measurement of rolling resistance according to ISO 28580, UN-R 117,
    EU 2020/740
  • Measurement of rolling noise according to UN-R 117, EU 2020/740 or customized processes
  • Several options for subjective testing such as wet and dry handling
  • Wear durability testing
  • Winter tire testing
  • Emergency testing according to OEM specifications
  • Rim-Roll-Off
  • Potholetest
  • Finabel-Test

* ATP meets the most stringent quality management system for Accredited Testing according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (details are listed in the database of accredited bodies www.dakks.de/en by entering the number D-PL-20534-01-00).

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