Climatic chamber

For thermal testing of vehicles and components you have come to the right place. Our climatic chamber from Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH provides reliable results.

  • All information above refers to a test vehicle with a weight of 2,000 kg
    (passenger car)

Test room dimensions

  • Height approx. 4.000 mm
  • Width approx. 5.000 mm
  • Length approx. 7.000 mm

Maximum vehicle dimensions

  • Height (door) approx. 2.580 mm
  • Width approx. 3.000 mm
  • Length approx. 6.800 mm

Your contact person

Frank Kleemann
Climatic chamber / Measurement equipment
Johann-Bunte-Straße 176
26871 Papenburg

Work area temperature

  • Temperature range: - 40°C to + 120°C, discontinuously
  • Temperature constanty: +/- 1 K (temporary)
  • Cool down rate: + 120°C to - 40°C | approx. 0.5 K/min. on average
  • Heat up rate: - 40°C to + 120°C | approx. 0.5 K/min. on average

Work area climate

  • Humidity control at temperatures between 10°C and 90°C humidity range adjustable from 5 to 95 % relative humidity

Our competences and services

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