On a purpose-made test area we perform tests on passenger protection systems.


Following modules are presently installed:

Further devices can be provided upon request.

Concrete kerb modules

  • 80-140 mm height adjustable, rectangular and traingular
  • approx. weight of 4 t

VDA lane change

  • Execution according to AK-Misuse*


  • For bedplate testing

Adjustable embankment

  • Height 450 mm

Steel beem

  • 160 x 80 mm attached

Gravel cluster

  • Rounb pebbles, execution according AK-Misuse*

Railway crossing

  • 90° single track

Artificial wild boar

Gutter (pothole)

  • Execution according to AK-misuse


  • Execution according to AK-misuse

Ground loop

  • Max. 49° increase (rollover)

Vehicle towing

*AK-Misuse = team-misuse at VDA

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